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YouTube Video Notes!

this page contains project and other information relates to specific videos from YouTube :^)


this part of the site is still being built :^)

  • REPAIR VLOG: F3 front shock SWAP!

    When buying C500 shocks - make sure they BOTH have the thin black plastic bushings INSIDE the mounting holes on each end of the shocks!
    (first photo)
    these are necessary to install on your F3!
    they are a press-in friction fit
    if the shocks still have the silver metal bushings installed, you're good to go! (second photo)
    the larger external black spacers are irrelevant :^)
    [click photos to enlarge]

  • VLOG 575: Dynamic Controls interface Board
    In this video, we use a little interface board that i built a few years back.. here's some information and schematics for building your own Dynamic Programming interface!
  • VLOG 570: is an M3 the chair for me?
    In this video, we take a look at a 2017 Permobil M3 - take the wheels off and check out the suspension setup it has. also work on adjusting the seat pan dimensions etc.